The latest: “Mindfulness and Messaging” in Today’s Engineer (August 2014)

“Mindfulness is a practice that’s gaining popularity with psychologists, leadership consultants, educators, and communication specialists. So what is it exactly? The leadership-consultant-standard definition of mindfulness is ‘being present in the present.’ If that sounds too obvious to be useful—Of course I’m present in the present. Where else would I be?—consider how often you’re not fully there. Instead, you’re thinking of where you have to go or where you’ve just been rather than thinking about where you are. “Present in the present” means thinking about now and here rather than there and then….”

CLASSES (onsite):

Technical Presentations Workshop (one day)

Emotional Intelligence for Technical Leaders (two days)

Write, Speak, Listen & Lead (one day)


And I’m currently working on a new book:

Peaceful Under Pressure


Be ready for whatever your day has in store … complexity, crises, disagreements, even crabby people …